Prime Minister & Time Dilation

Umar Farooq
2 min readNov 22, 2019
Islamabad — Pakistan

For those who are not into Physics, time dilation is a difference in the elapsed time between two clocks. Reasons for this dilation are now established theories and are not the focus of this opinion.

While being on planet Earth, it is extremely difficult to experience time dilation. It is a possibility though if you follow or try to, Imran Khan.

He did introduce a refreshing brand of politics while he was part of opposition for two decades. Now that he is the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he can’t seem to realize that he may not have to continue with his signature as there is nothing more to be gained from it.

He defends himself being reckless in his speech by asking if he is being untrue. It is true that calling spade a spade is at times required however if that’s the only thing you’re consistent with, it shouldn’t be.

Just within the last week, he sympathized with Nawaz Sharif, sent him warm messages and then made fun of him. Khan’s cabinet members joked about Sharif’s health, showed concern and then joined their PM in blaming the judiciary of letting Nawaz go to UK. When rebutted by judiciary, Khan made fun of his opponent again.

Just yesterday he was interviewed by a renowned journalist, Irshad Bhatti, who was assured by the PM that he wouldn’t get carried away again and will be careful with the words he uses in speeches as they need to be at least worthy of a PM’s. Within 24 hours, this assurance became meaningless and it isn’t clear whether he does this by mistake or that due to time dilation he thinks that while he was alive, enough time has passed on Earth that all of the human beings who may be aware of his previous words have passed away.